Triple Trouble Teamspeak

Are you a guild?

No, we are not a guild. However, we do have an in-game guild called Triple Trouble Team [TTT]. Being in the guild is not required though, and everyone is free to join.

If you want a guild invite, feel free to poke any commander after the event.

Why are you using TeamSpeak instead of Discord?

TeamSpeak offers a feature called the whisperlist, which allows commanders to talk to each other even if they are not in the same channel. This is really useful to coordinate this event, and as such, makes TeamSpeak a better choice for us.

Besides that, TeamSpeak seems to perform better on larger channels and is less resource intensive on slower computers.

I joined your TeamSpeak, but nobody was there?

The TTT TeamSpeak is only used for the event, which means that it will be empty if you join it outside of the event times.

How long does the event take?

As soon as the actual wurm heads have spawned, the maximum amount of time that the event can take is 17 minutes. We usually plan for 30 minutes, which includes the 5 minute wait timer, the time for the escort, and the actual wurm fight.

This means for example that the midday wurm (which officially spawns at ) would be done by .

What is the difference between TTT and TT?

TT refers to the in-game event happening in Bloodtide Coast. A lot of different groups gather to do this.

TTT refers to us specifically, the Triple Trouble Team(Speak), one of the groups killing TT.




We are using TeamSpeak for the voice coordination during the actual runs. The Discord is used as a chat platform for general information.

Spawn Times

We usually organize the run on Thursdays at on the EU servers! Check the TeamSpeak or the Discord to see if a run is happening.