Triple Trouble Teamspeak

Did you start to like the event as much as we do? Are you a new wurm-a-holic? Or are you an old fart who commanded the event years ago and wishes to get back into action? Don't worry, we've got you covered either way!

It doesn't matter if you already know the event by heart or if this is your first commanding experience. As long as you're interested in becoming a commander, we will provide you with the necessary guides and information to do so. And you can do it at your own speed - we're not pushing you to do a run before you feel comfortable.

If you join the team, you will initially join as a trainee commander. You will get access to the whisperlist on TeamSpeak, which will allow you to listen in to some of the behind-the-scenes communication that is going on during the event. And once you feel ready to do your first run, you will be able to do so, and you will receive feedback on your commanding.


As a commander, you should unlock the commander or catmander tag by buying either the Commander's Compendium or the Catmander's Compendium. Since 300 gold is a big investment, you can also try out commanding without a tag first by having someone else wear it for you, and then you can decide whether you want to purchase it or not.

You should be able to join TeamSpeak, at least to listen in. Clear and swift communication between the wurm heads is important for this event to succeed, so at least hearing what the other commanders are saying is important. If you can talk on TeamSpeak (even if it is just to the other commanders), that's even better!


The mentors are the people who are responsible for guiding new trainees and they are your first contact point if you want to join the team.

Currently, we have the following mentors, with their in-game name and Discord tag:

  • ArndawanArndawan.9184 / Arndawan#0624
  • PeterDunje.4863 / PeterParkerIV#4349

If you are on TeamSpeak, mentors will have a red apple icon next to their normal commander tag.

Of course, if you have any questions related to the event, the team or commanding, you can also ask either the mentors or any commander from the team. If they can't help you directly, they can at least redirect you to a person who can.


The best way to see how the event is being run is to join the different wurms and pay attention to what the commander is doing. In addition to that, you can join the TeamSpeak and listen to the coordination between the commanders. However, we also have a written guide on commanding available, containing a description of the mechanics, achievements and some other things to keep an eye out for!




We are using TeamSpeak for the voice coordination during the actual runs. The Discord is used as a chat platform for general information.

Spawn Times

We usually organize the run on Thursdays at on the EU servers! Check the TeamSpeak or the Discord to see if a run is happening.