Triple Trouble Teamspeak

After all the Wintersday and New Year's celebrations, it is time to return to everymonth life with our next special run - this Saturday (25th of January) at 20:30 CET!

The choices for this time are the Drunk Run, a Throwback TT or a Language Run!

Kalsarikännit - The Drunk Run
What would a special run be without the classic drunk run! Get a glass of your favorite beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and join the Triple Trouble DTrinking!
Throwback TT
Did you accidentally join a ride in a DeLorean? Because it seems like we went back a few patches. Join us for a small journey to the past and do Triple Trouble without the use of elite specializations!
Language Runs
If all you understand is gobbledygook, then you might have joined a run in a different language! The chances of this happening at this run are high, as each wurm will be commanded in a language different than English.

As always, you can cast your vote on our Discord in the #announcements channel!




We are using TeamSpeak for the voice coordination during the actual runs. The Discord is used as a chat platform for general information.

Spawn Times

We usually organize the run on Thursdays at on the EU servers! Check the TeamSpeak or the Discord to see if a run is happening.