Triple Trouble Teamspeak

Hello and welcome to the Triple Trouble Team(speak)!

We are a bunch of wurm-a-holics who are dedicated to killing the Triple Trouble world boss in Guild Wars 2.

What is Triple Trouble?

Triple Trouble, often abbreviated as TT, is a world boss event taking place in Bloodtide Coast and starting at the Firthside Vigil Waypoint ([&BKoBAAA=]). The boss consists of three separate wurm heads (Amber, Cobalt and Crimson), which have to be decapitated within one minute of each other, otherwise the event will fail. In addition to that, each head starts out invulnerable and requires the group to first complete a specific task before they are able to damage the wurm.

Due to the increased coordination that is required both between the heads and in the squads, as well as people doing the special roles, it is still regarded as one of the hardest events in-game and requires some preparation and organization in order to succeed. Joining a random map just before the event starts will usually not lead to a successful kill, so make sure to be there early and make sure to use the LFG or other taxis (see also How To Join).

The event gives you the chance to gather more than 100 achievement points and some mastery points, as well as some gold, equipment and the chance of ascended loot.

What is the Triple Trouble Team(speak)?

The Triple Trouble Team(speak), sometimes abbreviated as TTT, is a collection of commanders, egg blockers, husk handlers and other people who like the event. As a team, we are organizing kill attempts ("runs"), we provide resources for people who want to learn more about the event and the special roles, and we share our love for the event with the Guild Wars 2 players!

Feel free to check out our Discord if you want to get in touch with other wurm connoisseurs or check out our guides if you feel like reading up!

What are we up to lately?

Anniversary Run 2020

Hello comrades!

In honor of TTT's two year anniversary, we will be having our special run this Saturday (the 2nd of May) at 21:30 CEST. We've decided to go for a drunk run for this one, so have some (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) beverage ready! We'll be celebrating on our TeamSpeak at and everyone is welcome to join the party.

See you at the party!

Special Run: March 2020

Ahoy! March is coming to an end and so the time for our next special run is coming closer! More specifically, it will be this Saturday, on the 28th of March at 20:30 CET.

That run will not just be special because we will make it so, it will also be the last run in the CET timezone. After that, a lot of countries will switch to summer time again (CEST), which means beginning with Sunday, the 29th of March, the late run will be at 21:30 CEST again 🕤

Aside from the time changing, we have prepared a Remote Control, a Tonic Run or a Triple Typo Trouble.

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Special Run: February 2020

Hello! If you have been wondering where the special run this month has been, then wonder no longer - it will be on a special day, more specifically the 29th of February (as usual at 20:30 CET).

We almost had a French run for this one, but due to technical difficulties, you can now vote and choose between a Triple Typo Trouble, a Whose Wurm Is It Anyway or a Tonic Run.

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Special Run: January 2020

After all the Wintersday and New Year's celebrations, it is time to return to everymonth life with our next special run - this Saturday (25th of January) at 20:30 CET!

The choices for this time are the Drunk Run, a Throwback TT or a Language Run!

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Special Run: December 2019

First of all we want to wish you all some nice and peaceful holidays and a very merry Wintersday! 🎁

As some of you have noticed already, the last Saturday of December will be this weekend. That means it will be time for another special run, right between Christmas and New Year's Eve!

For this one, we have prepared a new one fitting for the time of the year - therefore, let me present to you the Ho Ho Ho-run!

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We are using TeamSpeak for the voice coordination during the actual runs. The Discord is used as a chat platform for general information.

Spawn Times

We usually organize the run on Thursdays at on the EU servers! Check the TeamSpeak or the Discord to see if a run is happening.