Triple Trouble Teamspeak

We have changed our Discord and have moved to our new Triple Trouble Team(speak)Discord! Check the link in the sidebar for the new address.

Hello and welcome to the Triple Trouble Team(speak)!

We are a bunch of wurm-a-holics who are dedicated to killing the Triple Trouble world boss in Guild Wars 2.

What is Triple Trouble?

Triple Trouble, often abbreviated as TT, is a world boss event in Bloodtide Coast, starting at the Firthside Vigil Waypoint ([&BKoBAAA=]). In order to succeed the world boss, the three heads of the jungle wurm have to be decapitated at the same time (within 1 minute of each other), and then the detached wurm heads have to be killed again within 2 minutes. To this day, it is regarded as one of the hardest events in-game, as it requires people to know the mechanics and more coordination between the squads than usual world bosses. As such, just joining a map will usually not lead to a successful kill of the wurm.

What is the Triple Trouble Team(speak)?

The Triple Trouble Team(speak), sometimes abbreviated as TTT, is a collection of commanders, egg blockers, husk handlers and other people who like the event. As a team, we're organizing regular kill attempts ("runs"), we provide resources for people who want to learn more about the event and the special roles, and we share our love for the event with the Guild Wars 2 players!

Currently, we are usually organizing two runs per day: The "midday wurm" at 14:00 CEST and the "late wurm" at 21:30 CEST. However, we cannot guarantee that those runs will actually happen every day, so make sure to either check the in-game LFG, the TeamSpeak or the Discord. Note that we are on the EU servers!

The runs will be explained and coordinated on the TeamSpeak server (at You don't need a microphone or a password to join, if you just join in to listen, that's also fine!

If you cannot join TeamSpeak then don't worry, because the commanders will also explain the event in the in-game chat, and they will give the important commands there as well.




We are using TeamSpeak for the voice coordination during the actual runs. The Discord is used as a chat platform for general information.

Spawn Times

We are organizing the runs at 14:00 CEST and 21:30 CEST daily on the EU servers! Check the TeamSpeak or the Discord to see if a run is happening.